Showcase With a passion for music that spurred from an appreciation of disco, funk, and hip hop, Spoon knew that one day he would be doing something in music. Starting out DJ’ing in a number of raves in the early nineties and holding down club residencies from TN to Portland, OR, Spoon started a crew with Jolby called the ‘Jack Junkies’ in 1999 and since then added amazing talent like DJ Jung.

Spoon is known for his deep, funky, congo crazy house sets of quality underground house. Having a dream of producing house music was something that any DJ would aspire to and it wasn’t long before Spoon was thinking the same. Hooking up with Busy (and Crux) on their first release on DJ Sneaks label ‘Oomph’, it was on from there with release’s on Lingo and Photo Records as ‘Busy N Spoon’; it seemed they were on fire.

Spoon realized that he needed to go out on his own and since has remixed and has EP’s for Greenhouse, Treasured Grooves, Panhandle and Jack Locker.Look out for future stuff coming out on Sour Mash, Panhandle, Lingo, and Oomph. Make sure you keep an eye out for those! He also has been part of Chicagohousefm.com for the last 2 years with his show “The Case of the Mondayz” from 12 – 2pm EST. Check that out as well. Jack Junkies 2013!