Sleazy Donkey

Showcase Soulsupplement Records is proud to bring you the new single Sleazy Donkey from the newest member of the Soulsupplement team.  Some say that he's from the tidal marshes of Panama.  Some people say that he's from the swamps of Louisiana.  Some even say that his brain is quantized… all we know is that he's called Swamp Donkey.

Swamp Donkey's freshman Soulsupplement release is a remix of Bruno Browning's "Sleazy Disco" and he starts things off right with “Sleazy Donkey (Xtra Swampy Mix)”.  This four on the floor funky house track is just right for all occasions.  Swamp Donkey creates a layered rhythm track that even has dragon drums spread around, just to make it interesting.  His eclectic flavor is all over this remix from the synths to the 60’s influenced bass lines.

“Sleazy Donkey (Dub Mix)” is what you might expect from a dub… minimalism for the minimal massive.  Heavy on the dragon drums and heavy on the techy bass line but sometimes less is so much more. Next release



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