Rich Martinez

Showcase Rich Martinez started on his Musical journey at a young age in the summer of 1981. He was bitten by the mixing bug after hearing The Hot Mix 5 mix show on Local Chicago Radio Station WBMX on Saturday nights. A year later he bought his first pair of used turntables, a mixer and then proceeded to start his DJ career. In 1983 he was tapped to be only the second mixer to be featured on independent Chicago radio station WCYC managed by Kenny Jammin Jason of The Hot Mix 5. Along with being in the WCYC Collective called "The Jackmaster 5" he was also a member of the second “Mastermix 6".

Along the way he competed in a few Chicago DJ battles most notably winning the Mobile Battle at The Pan American Festival in 1986 at The Navy Pier on Chicago's lake front. Always needing to be close to the music he worked at TRAX Records from 1985-86 where he pressed some of the scene’s most iconic tracks. It didn’t take long until his first track was released on TRAX titled "Are You Ready" which was recently featured on Harley & Muscle Classic Tracks EP.

With no sign of letting up Rich still DJ's various club spots and private events with a heavy focus on studio projects with releases currently out on: London's Mas Profundo Muzica Label, Smooth Agent Records, Cabbie Hat, Treasured Grooves Ghetto Division, Shut Down Digital, Nombeko and Seventy Four Records. Rich has upcoming releases on Jive US, Midwest Hustle, Soulsupplement Records and also on his own Chicago based label Chicago Skyline Records that he founded in 2015.