Relax A Little Bit

Showcase The Soulsupplement Las Vegas sound is making its way out of the desert once again with their newest release Relax A Little Bit.  This four track EP is cool enough to make the Vegas sun bearable and funky enough to make the funky massive happy.

Right off the bat, Bruno Browning’s “Relax a Little Bit (Glo Patio Mix)” sets the mood with this four on the floor funky house number that’s just right for all pools and patios as well as the deepest of house rooms.  Cryptic vocals, pulsing bass lines and a classic, funky Browning rhythm track make this one just right for all occasions.

Swamp Donkey offers up the second track on this EP and, as always, he adds his own unique own flavor.  Brass stabs, organ bass lines and a little bit of that with a whole lot of that makes this one instantly swampy.

The third track on this EP is Browning’s “Relax a Little Bit (Original Mix)”.  A slight variation in the rhythm track goes a long way with this roller.  Sometimes little changes go along way and this one finds its mark with the rolling bass line paired up with a driving drum track.  Don’t sleep on this one.

The last track is Bruno’s Broken Mix, and again, it goes down with ease and flavor.  “Relax a Little Bit (Broken Mix)” is a break beat version of the original that will make the dance crews happy as well as those DJs that are looking to break up the floor to floor vibe in their next set.  Next release


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