Showcase The summer of 2007 saw the third release from Soulsupplement Records. The EP titled Passport featured tracks from Bruno Browning and Curtis Bledsoe along with a guest appearance by none other than DJ/producer Chris Cowie (Vegas Soul, X Cabs, Scan Carriers).

Curtis Bledsoe’s “Passport (Jet Set Mix)” kicks off the EP with his signature house sound, complete with driving synths and tough drums that should appeal to house, techno, and progressive dance floors across the board.

Bruno Browning, as always, adds to the funk factor with ”Passport (Wolfies Mix)”. Complete with rhythmic percussions and rolling bass lines, “Wolfies Mix” is a summertime soundtrack and should take funkier dance floors and turn them upside down.

Heavyweight producer Chris Cowie weighs in with three remixes of “Light”. His “Light (Vegas Mix)” adds a touch of big room sparkle to the EP. The “Light (Electro Mix)” adds a completely new feel to a Soulsupplement original. This “Master of Funk Techno” has taken elements of the original, including samples of Bruno Browning’s vocal and created a peak time monster. Next release



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