Papa Was A

Showcase After a one release break, Bruno Browning is back with the last Soulsupplement release of summer 2010, Papa Was A.  This two track release is the perfect way to finish this year’s summer sessions and it just might be Bruno’s finest release to date.

Bruno’s first cut is “Papa Was A (Original Mix)”, a four on the floor funky house track that has all the right elements to make it in your digital box.  A tough funky bass line and a rhythm track that will have your last poolside set surging.  Make sure you stick around for the vocal stabs because we promise you it will be worth your time.

The last track on this two-tracker is Browning’s “Papa Was A (Sideways Mix)”.  The Sideways Mix has all the elements of the original except a deeper bass line and a broken beat rhythm track.  A little shake up on the vocal stabs here and there, just to keep things interesting. Next release




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