Neon Underground

Showcase Fall is here and it seems that everyone is going underground to fight off the chill; with this is mind Soulsupplement Records is offering up their latest release Neon Underground.  Neon Underground is a three tracker that will warm you right up… guaranteed.

The first track, “Neon Underground (Original Mix)”, is from Bruno Browning and it’s a deep house cut that will do your body good.  You’ll find a standard four-to-the floor house track with deep vocal stabs, tough bass lines and nice rhythms. Combine those with lovely piano lines and you will definitely feel the chill leaving your body.

The second track in the mix is “Neon Underground (Leroy’s Mix)” from Leroy South.  Leroy is back on the case with this techy and to the point remix.  A drum track that sets the mood right off is combined with a nasty Leroy South synth line that has this cut ready for the main room.

The third and final track in this EP is another track from Leroy South, “The Unicorn Charlie (LuLu’s Mix)”.  To be fair, this is just a slight variation from South’s mix of “Neon Underground” but trust me, if you are a fan of Charlie the Unicorn don’t sleep on this one… that’s all we’re saying. Next release


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