Music Production

In addition to releasing our own music Soulsupplement Records offers music production services to video game creators, movie producers, wireless content providers and recording artists worldwide. We Can write, record and produce music for commercials, television, in room entertainment, webmericals, and much more.

Our Work

Original Music

Original music is what we do and original house music is what we do best. Our music can be found on numerous house labels and we're always looking to work with new people. If you would like to listen to our music that's on other labels here's a few examples:

Roots Of Raw Ep (Great Lakes Audio)
State Of The Game Ep (Doin Work Records)
No More Standin (Treasured Grooves)
On Fire (Hub City Music)
Deep Transitions (Underluxe)
My Style (LGOP Mix) (Pocket Jacks Trax)

Website & Ad Music

We will write and record music specifically for your needs without genre restrictions. The best example of this is our work with PWI Construction.

For more information contact us at Production / Licensing Info.