Allison's Merry-Go-Round

Showcase Allison’s Merry-Go-Round is a seven-track release from Soulsupplement Records.  This release boasts straight ahead house tracks from label heads Bruno Browning and Curtis Bledsoe and features debut performances from Dj Jacques (Las Vegas, NV) and UK based production team Bridge & Hughes.  The majority of the latest EP is aimed squarely at deep house dance floors with the exception of "Baby Lookout (Bridge & Hughes Mix)” which will surely appeal to hardcore electro aficionados.

Allison’s Merry-Go-Round starts out with one of three tracks from Bruno Browning called “My Obsession (Mary F Mix)”.  “My Obsession” should fill deep house dance floors in Ibiza this season and apparently resident Jeff Barker has worked it into his circulation along with Bruno Browning’s second track; the Delta Blues inspired “Baby Lookout (Fillmore Slim Mix)”.

“Naked City (Original Mix)” is collaboration between label head Curtis Bledsoe and DJ Jacques.  “Naked City” is a four to the floor dance floor mover that should appeal to most of the UK, as well as stateside, deep house dance floors.  No nonsense here, just a track that's raw and stripped down in order to capture the essence of Bledsoe's journey through life in Las Vegas.  Not the tourist board commercial version of Las Vegas, but the unfiltered true life Las Vegas. Next release


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