Showcase This first Soulsupplement release was a three track single EP that was released first on 12" vinyl and then digitally back in 2006. The three tracks were "History Lesson", "Visceral Lessons" and "Hard Lessons".

"History Lesson" by Bruno Browning uses six different speeches of Vice-President Spiro Agnew with Curtis Bledsoe performing his haunting version of “Visceral” to answer the Vice-President’s speech.

”Visceral Lessons” is a remix of “History Lesson” remixed by Soulsupplement Records co-founder and Senior Engineer Curtis Bledsoe.  True to form, Curtis took “History Lesson” and made it his own with this dark rendition of the original mix.

 "Hard Lessons" is the emotional anchor to the entire EP. With Malcolm X giving words of wisdom and the Islamic call to prayer that foretells the punishment that awaits any Muslim that takes another life; this track is filled with emotion. Next release



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