Harmony Lessons

Showcase Harmony Lessons is a collection of remixes by Glasgow-based Rick Harmony of Beat Sanctuary. The original songs are selected from the debut Soulsupplement 12” release titled Lessons by Bruno Browning and Curtis Bledsoe. Harmony’s “Spean Bridge Mix” is a big room takeoff and remake of “Hard Lessons” that is sure to please the progressive crowds immensely.

As if Browning’s original was not filled with enough funky edge to begin with, Rick’s “Harmony mix” adds his own formula complete with techy synths and over the top bass lines which will definitely appeal to the harder dance floors.

Rick’s version of “Visceral Lessons” takes the elements of the original and fuses them into a techno oriented adrenaline filled workout, which will surely appeal to techno and progressive DJs alike. Next release



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