Deeper Side

Showcase Las Vegas imprint Soulsupplement Records has decided to kick off the fall sessions with its grimiest number yet, Deeper Side RemixesDeeper Side is a three track EP that, once again, pairs Bruno Browning with Jean-Paul Sarkozy on the vocals, and they show everyone exactly how deep the Las Vegas funk flows.

Browning is back on the case with what some are calling his funkiest track to date, the “Deeper Side (2Deep Mix)”, and lovers of the funky grime will need nothing more than this to get them moving.  The “2Deep Mix” is a classic four on the floor cut with that Browning bass line that just gets in your head and never leaves.  Combine that bass line with Jean-Paul Sarkozy’s vocals and all of the house head train spotters will be demanding a track ID… you know who you are.

Next up is “Deeper Side (Original Mix)”, another four on the floor number that backs off the grime while adding the deep sexy saxophone flavor that Soulsupplement Records has come to be known for.  This is only for the deep house cats that need a soulful vibe. 

Rounding off the rotation is “Deeper Side (Big Break Mix)”, a funky break-beat house track that brings back the grime while adding the breaks.  Millions of people come to Las Vegas every year to try to win their big break… well Soulsupplement has brought that Vegas “big break” right to you with this one. Next release


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