Bruce Killer

Showcase Soulsupplement Records is happy to introduce two new artists to the team: DeepMilo and Arkay.  This powerful production team hails from the UK and is out of the gate straight away with their freshman Soulsupplement release Bruce Killer.  Bruce Killer is a proper banger with just the right amount of funk and grime to make the Soulsupplement cut.

Up first is “Bruce Killer (Original Mix)”, and its spot on for anytime of night on dance floors worldwide.  The driving rhythm track coupled with a low down nasty bass line is just the ticket to get the crowds moving.  A no nonsense build up paired with a grimy vocal makes this one ready to ride.

Their next cut is “ChicaChica (Original Mix)”, which has been getting a major rising from Jeff Barker on the FLH (For The Love of House) radio show.  This cut has also been heard on some of the best dance floors in the UK.  A nice four on the floor number that has just the right amount of funk and soul to get the house head massive working their bodies.

The last entry is “Soul Explosion (Original Mix)”, a solo number from DeepMilo.  A straight forward four on the floor house cut that’s oozing with flavor.  Tight rhythm track and great keyboard lines will make this one work in any venue at any time of night.     Next release


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