Black Series: 02

ShowcaseSoulsupplement Records is proud to introduce the newest member of team Soulsupplement…MachineGumz. Argentine producer Lucas Vigier is the mastermind behind MachineGumz and his concept was created for the sole purpose of making high quality productions that have a pure and noble sound. His sound is warm and unique and we are truly happy to be able to showcase it with the second installment of the Soulsupplement Black Series: Fear Is Institution.

MachineGumz starts us off with the original mix of “Fear Is Institution” and right off the bat you hear that there is something quite special about this young producer. An aggressive rhythm track is layered with a deep bass line that is both dark and polished which gives this one many layers of depth. Beautiful strings and orchestral layers are added to put the finishing touches on this beautiful track which leaves you both uplifted and melancholy all at the same time.

The “Fear Is Institution (Stuff’d Mix) finishes out this release and once again MachineGumz hits the mark. This mix has all the same elements of loveliness of the original however there are a few extra techy bits sprinkled throughout. Take a listen, you won’t be disappointed.