Black Series: 01

Showcase Soulsupplement Records is proud to introduce the Soulsupplement Black Series, a diversion from the traditional Soulsupplement house sound, showcasing tracks with a sometimes darker and often techier flavor as interpreted by a diverse mix of talented artists from other genres.

Soulsupplement Black Series: 01 unleashes the “Gypsy Soul Remixes” from Las Vegas producer Matty Hayes.  In this first installment of the Black Series, Matty presents his reimagined take on Bruno Browning and Francesca Sisneros’ “Gypsy Soul”.

With the “Toxication Mix” Matty combines the familiar bass and vocals from the original release with darker bass lines, edgy synths and atmospheric undertones.  This infusion of sound creates a haunting new version while remaining true to original’s house timbre.

Matty continues his journey into the dark and edgy with his “Dark Water Mix”.  Right off the bat tougher rhythm elements will grab your attention although it’s the overall vibe of this cut that will have you coming back for more!  Hayes affects the vocals to a hair-raising pitch as he flaunts dark synth and bass lines deep inside of cavernous reverbs and delays, creating layers upon layers of depth making this version all its own. Next Release