7 Nights in 2011

Showcase Soulsupplement Records is in full spring mode with their new release 7 Nights in 2011.  7 Nights in 2011 is a two track remix release of Bruno Browning’s “7 Nights a Week”.  A few additions here and a few subtractions there make this one just right for spring.

Browning’s 2011 Mix of “7 Nights a Week” has a chunkier rhythm track and a deeper bass line that gets the groove off to a proper start.  Additional percussion layered on top of the original vocal lines gives this one the right amount of sting for the spring.

Bruno’s “7 Nights a Week (Xtra Mix)” is a darker number that combines a broken beat rhythm section with a subterranean bass line.  This one is only for the cats that have to move.  If you like hanging out against the wall or in a chair, you need not apply. Next release




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