7 Nights A Week

Showcase Soulsupplement Records has shed the winter clothes and is in full springtime mode with their latest release, 7 Nights a Week.  This nu-disco/funk two tracker is a perfect way to kick off the Vegas spring sessions by combining the perfect amount of funk with a dash of disco.

“7 Nights a Week (Original Mix)” by Bruno Browning is a classic funky house track that has that disco sound sprinkled in for good measure.  forthright vocals, funky disco bass lines and hot trumpet lines will have the crowds by the pool surging.

Browning’s next offering, “7 Nights a Week (B & D Mix)”, has a broken beat vibe, however, the ever-present funk never seems to be too far away.  This one is an easy fit for most dance floors as well as by the pool.    Next release




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