6 String Groove

Showcase The Las Vegas summer is here and the only thing hotter is Soulsupplement Records’ newest release from Bruno Browning, 6 String Groove.  A two tracker that will have the deep and funky house massive pleased as well as those who desire a techier drum and bass line.  If you like the more techy stuff that’s been coming out lately, you can thank Browning’s friend Chris Cowie for kicking him in the pants and making him push his boundaries

Bruno’s first entry is “6 String Groove (Original Mix)”, a proper deep and funky four on the four number that has all the trappings of a Vegas poolside smash.  Funky bass lines coupled with   deep house guitar make this one top shelf.

Browning tips his hat to Chris Cowie with “6 String Groove (75th Dub Mix)”.  With Chris’s pushing, Bruno decided to get out of his comfort zone and try some more techy vibes. Tougher drums and bass line allow this track to take on a more serious vibe while keeping true to the original.  Don’t sleep on this one! Next release



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